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Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

I was on my usual morning walk with my husband and our dog. During our walk, we passed a house adorned with a beautiful Acer tree in its front garden. I love Acer trees, so I turned to my hubby and commented that I would love to get one. He has always been captivated by Acer trees too, so he agreed. I've always assumed Acer trees to be expensive so I suggested we could purchase a baby tree and grow it ourselves. As we continued our walk my husband reminisced about a lovely large pink flower we used to have in the garden of our former house, and he said it would be great to buy another one. The plant's name eluded both of us at the time, but I knew in my mind which plant he was referring to. Little did we know at the time that the universe had orchestrated an unusual sequence of events, which were set to unfold that same day!

Later that morning I visited my mum and took her to the supermarket. This was not unusual - we often went and picked up a few bits of shopping during my weekly visits. At the entrance of the supermarket, mum drew my attention to their small selection of plants. They always had a handful of different varieties inside the double doors on the way in. Nestled near the doorway amongst the modest array of plants stood a baby Acer tree, a sight rarely encountered in a supermarket! The tree was remarkably affordable too. Then I noticed the plants directly above the Acer tree... Hydrangeas! This is the plant my husband expressed an interest in only a couple of hours earlier.

Delighted with my purchases, we made our way home, my heart brimming with gratitude for the super fast manifestation of my desires! After arriving back at my mum's house, she told me about a white t-shirt she had bought that didn't fit her, asking if I wanted it. Only 2 days earlier I'd been online shopping looking at white t-shirts, but I couldn't find anything I liked so I decided to switch off my phone and look again later. Mum admitted she'd bought this particular t-shirt about a year previously, never wore it and never got around to asking me if I wanted it. Then she suddenly had the thought to take it out of the wardrobe and offer it to me, just as I began looking for one! Roll forwards two weeks and I was at my mum's house again, admiring a new plant she had in her garden. I said I would look out for one as it would look great in my own garden. Minutes later, we ventured out to a large department store mum wanted to visit. As we were walking around the store, I spotted out of the corner of my eye a handful of plants randomly situated in the middle of the shop. One of them was the plant I'd commented on about 30 minutes earlier! This wasn't a very common plant, and it wasn't in a store I was expecting to find plants in!

These events may seem mundane, but they hold profound significance and serve as a reminder of our incredible dance of co-creation with the universe. These aren't isolated incidents; I've lost count of the times I've consciously co-created with the universe and, hours later, what I've thought about has appeared in front of me!

When we declare our intentions and desires, the universe conspires to manifest them, sometimes in surprising and unusual ways - and sometimes it's pretty much instant! You might have experienced this phenomenon too. Consider the times when a long-lost friend suddenly reaches out, seemingly in response to your thoughts of them. These instances offer glimpses into the incredible power of the Law of Attraction.

How to Manifest

You can experience this for yourself! Try asking the universe to send you a certain bird into your garden that day. Or if you want to purchase a specific item, state your intention out loud and allow the universe to bring you people and opportunities to help you fulfill your desire. If you want to meet a new friend who can help you to tap into your creativity, ask for one and allow new people to walk into your life! Manifestation is fun when you team up with the universe.

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