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Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Course 

Understand your personal spiritual awakening and the collective ascension. Experience epiphanies and deep realisations as you unlock memories held within your soul. Learn about the different spiritual dimensions and expand your consciousness to raise your vibrational frequency, moving you out of the 3D matrix so that you can live more joyful, peaceful existence.

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Are you ready to...

~ Learn about the spiritual dimensions and the 3D/4D matrix of control and oppression?

​Raise your vibrational frequency and access a higher level of consciousness?

~ Activate your soul memories to experience epiphanies and deep, inner realisations?

~ Shift your perspective of life on Earth as you recognise the programming and conditioning you have been given?

~ Deepen your spiritual awareness and understanding of spiritual concepts?

~ Understand the Higher Self and recognise your multi-dimensional nature?

~ Open your intuitive channel, using your body to recognise and discern truth?

~ Communicate with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self?

~ Transform your life?

...the Spiritual Awakening & Ascension: How to Raise your Vibration course will teach you all of this, and more! 

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Get the Spiritual Awakening & Ascension: How to Raise your Vibration course to expand your consciousness, raise your frequency and change your life!

 Discover the 12 spiritual dimensions and how they are accessed

 Learn about the 3D/4D matrix of control, where it is created, how it operates and how to break free of it

 Connect with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides using the meditations contained within the course

 Discover soul contracts and cord cutting, using the included meditation to cut energy cords where they no longer serve your highest good

 Tap into the ancient wisdom of your soul with the included activation, uncovering memories from other lifetimes
 Recognise consumption and the things you are absorbing into your energy field that are lower vibrational  

 Learn the new way of manifesting your desires, and create financial freedom using the included meditation to break out of the debt/slave system

 Balance the divine feminine and divine masculine energies within you using the included meditation
 Learn about the light beings who are assisting humanity with our ascension

 Understand the 35/5D split and the New Earth

 Immerse yourself in the New Earth guided visualisation

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Course Overview

During these times of collective ascension, the Spiritual Awakening & Ascension: How to Raise Your Vibration course will help you discover the spiritual awakening, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration. It takes you on a transformative spiritual journey to discover the key to mastering life on 3D Earth.

The course will guide you through your own spiritual awakening, uncovering the illusions we face on planet Earth. It’s suitable for anyone undertaking a spiritual awakening, at any stage of their journey.


You will experience epiphanies and deep, inner knowing as the course reminds you of what you knew before incarnating into this lifetime. As you hear the words spoken within this course, you will unlock soul memories and this will help you to remember why you chose this lifetime. Let this course illuminate the dark areas of your life, propelling you into a heightened state of awareness and an expansion of consciousness.


This course also describes the matrix of control we experience on Earth, as well as how to shift your vibration so you can move away from control and manipulation. You will experience more joy, more peace and freedom. The course facilitates personal and spiritual growth and empowers you to move beyond your own limitations, and those programmed into you, as you unlock the secrets to a more enlightened existence.

Why Learn with Me?

I was spiritually open as a child, seeing spirit manifest in front of me from as young as six years old. My interest in all things metaphysical continued into my teens where I discovered the Tarot, mysticism and palmistry. Then I experienced an intense spiritual awakening in 2009, which accelerated in mid-2019.


I have spent years journeying through my own ascension, undertaking shadow work and past life healing and shifting years of generational trauma. I'm passionate about helping others to experience their own spirituality, gain a higher perspective and break out of the negative, heavy patterns and paradigms humans have experienced for so long. My mission is to help people raise their frequency, anchoring these high frequencies into the planet so that we can all experience more love, joy and peace in our lives.

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Student's ratings of the Spiritual Awakening & Ascension course:

I have over 800 students based all over the world in 66 different countries, including the UK and Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Israel and the United Arab Emirates! Here's where you will find student reviews of the course.

As the course is brand new, it takes time to gather student reviews so check back here often!



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Key Features

🌎 5 hours of video lessons

🌎 Clarity around spiritual terms such as ‘spiritual awakening’, ‘the dark night of the soul’ and ‘ascension’

🌎 A higher perspective of the 3D game of life on Earth

🌎 Practical ways you can escape the control matrix (with a downloadable handout)

🌎 Activation to raise your vibration

🌎 Meditation to help you achieve balance

🌎 A practical exercise to help you shift your perception and behaviours around consumption

🌎 Meditation for meeting your Spirit Guides

🌎 Meditation for connecting to your Higher Self

🌎 Meditation for cord cutting to help end soul contracts

🌎 Meditation for letting go to help create financial freedom

🌎 Practical exercise for energetic protection

🌎 Multiple quizzes to strengthen your learning

🌎 Visualisation for creating the New Earth

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Who the Spiritual Awakening & Ascension course is for:

 Anyone experiencing a spiritual awakening, no matter where they are on their journey

⭐ Spiritual seekers wanting to understand life on Earth and deepen their spiritual awareness

Anyone wishing to raise their frequency and expand their consciousness

⭐ People wanting to learn about the fifth dimension and the light beings who are helping with the ascension 

⭐ People with an interest in developing a connection to their Higher Self and/or Spirit Guides

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Ready to get started?

Get the course now to instantly begin your transformative journey! 

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