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Get your hands on some spiritual freebies!

Download and enjoy documents covering different spiritual practices, including spirituality, energy, crystals, the chakras and how to develop your intuition. Plus when you subscribe to my website, you will gain access to an exclusive members-only section of the site with even more freebies 💗

To subscribe, click the link below (subscription is free). Once you've signed up and logged in, you will get access to a 'Members-Only' tab that will appear in the site menu. You will also see a 'Workshops' tab - take a look around and see what you get! ⭐

Frequency & The Collective Consciousness


This document explains what is meant by 'frequency'. It also explains the Collective Human Consciousness and how we can affect it.

Freebies - Frequency & The Collective Consciousness -  surrounded by stars
Freebies - intuition development exercise

Improve your Intuition


This exercise teaches you a simple way to improve and develop your intuition and learn whether you are predominantly clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient.

The Chakras


Ever wondered what the chakras are, and what they connect to?

Download my free guide to the 7 main chakras plus an excercise to balance your root chakra!

Freebies - energy healing, working on the third eye chakra
Freebies - 5 ways to cleanse crystals

5 ways to cleanse your crystals


You might have heard people talk about ‘cleansing’ their crystals. Crystals absorb the energy that surrounds them, cleansing them releases the energy from the crystal and you can then set an intention for how you want to work with the crystal, i.e. you may set an intention for the crystal to help you heal your heart chakra, or to help you bring in more love.


Here are my top five ways to cleanse crystals.

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