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Shadow Work course 

Heal the deepest parts of you, unlock hidden gifts, develop self-mastery and awareness, raise your vibration and advance yourself spiritually with shadow work

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Are you ready to...

~ Uncover hidden gifts and talents you never knew you had?

~ Experience less reactivity to other people's behaviour?

~ Gain more self-awareness and a deeper, improved understanding of yourself?

~ Feel emotionally balanced?

~ Achieve a greater perspective of your own and other people's emotions? 


...the Shadow Work course will teach you all of this, and more! 

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Shadow Work course - personal development

Take the Shadow Work Course and advance yourself spiritually

 Experience freedom from the limiting beliefs and programmes you have been unconsciously carrying for most of your life

 Become less reactive when you are triggered by understanding your habits and automatic behaviours

 Experience expanded awareness and perception

 Enjoy improved relationships with yourself and others

 Develop more self-compassion and compassion for others

 Raise your vibration as you elevate from lower vibrations

These are just some of the ways shadow work can help you to heal the deepest parts of you!

Student's ratings of the Shadow Work course:

My students are based all over the world, including the UK and Ireland, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe and Scandinavia! Here's what they are saying about the Shadow Work course:


“Melanie is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Her manner is calm and informative and I'm left eager to move onto the next step.”

Kerry Powell

"I had no idea shadow work even existed, but it seems to be the key to many of my triggers."
David Kelley


"She was very clear with instruction and easy to follow. She covered all aspects expected and gave thoughtful lectures"

Amanda E Shamhart


"Very easy to follow and understand"

Helen Jeffrey


Rebecca Dawson


Donna Coventry


May Magdalene M Sarmiento


Evette Meier


Klara Prytz


Robin L Harned


Laura Schwalm 

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Course Overview

Shadow work, also called 'inner work', it's a way of learning about the parts of your character you have hidden and buried in your 'shadow'. By doing shadow work, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The course aims to explore the concept of shadow work and provides practical techniques for engaging in this profound inner exploration.

Throughout the course, you will gain an understanding of shadow work and its significance in personal growth. Clear instructions and a variety of exercises will guide you as you delve into your hidden aspects and uncover valuable insights.

Through shadow work, you will heal, integrate, and embrace your shadows, leading to profound inner transformation. Get ready to explore the depths of your being and embark on an enlightening path of self-discovery.

Why Learn with Me?

Psychology and the unconscoius mind are huge subject areas, that can often be confusing to study. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm and frustration. With my teaching style, I take things back to basics and explain, in simple easy-to-understand terms what shadow work is, how the shadow is formed and how to gently explore and integrate your shadow. My warm, conversational style makes learning easy and enjoyable, without the frustration of struggling to understand complicated jargon.

You will have lifetime access to the course plus access to me via the Q&A board. You can ask me any questions you have whilst studying the course, and even after you have finished it. The Q&A board remains open forever, and I will guide and support you all the way, for as long as you need me.

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Shadow Work course Carl Jung quote
Key Features

🖤 Practical exercises and activities  Designed to guide you through the process of shadow work, the exercises will enable you to confront and integrate your hidden aspects, leading to a greater sense of wholeness and balance.

🖤 Downloadable journaling prompts  Access a collection of editable digital journaling prompts, eliminating the need for printing. These prompts will aid your introspection and provide a structured framework for exploring your shadow.

🖤 Quizzes  Assess your understanding and progress through regular quizzes that reinforce your comprehension of the course material.

🖤 Shadow Work meditation  Experience a guided meditation specifically tailored to support your healing and integration of the shadow self. This powerful tool will assist you in navigating your inner depths.

🖤 Vibration Raising meditation  Conclude the course with a meditation to raise your energetic frequency. This final practice will help you cultivate a positive mindset and align with a higher state of being.

🖤 Real-life examples  Gain clarity and deepen your understanding of shadow work through the inclusion of several relatable real-life examples. These examples will illuminate the concept of the shadow self and help you to recognise it within your own life.

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Shadow Work course - blindfold, what is hidden

Who the Shadow Work course is for

This course is suitable for you if you are:

⭐ Interested in personal and spiritual development

⭐ Undergoing a spiritual awakening

Wanting to understand yourself better and have improved self-awareness

⭐ Wanting to improve your relationships with others

⭐ Struggling with "triggers" - finding yourself emotionally reacting to other people's behaviours

⭐ Suffering from suppressed emotional trauma

⭐ Feeling restricted by limited beliefs and programming you have been carrying with you for most of your life

⭐ Wondering what your hidden gifts and talents may be

It's ideal for beginners as no prior experience or knowledge of shadow work is required to undertake this course

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More student ratings of the Shadow Work course:


Bonnie L. Seitz


Stacey Welsh




Joanne Bolton


Erika Kobel

Ready to get started?

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