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Crystal Healing course 

Discover how to use crystals for energy healing, balancing your chakras, receiving spiritual guidance and as a meditation aid!

Crystal healing course - amethyst crystals for balancing and opening the third eye chakra

Are you ready to...

Heal from negative emotions and balance your chakras?

~ Cleanse and programme your crystals?

~ Meditate with a crystal to receive guidance?

~ Start using crystals with tarot and oracle cards?

...the Crystal Healing course will teach you all of this, and more! 

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Crystal healing course - lady holding clear quartz crystal ready for meditation

Let crystals help you to achieve your desires!

 Want to feel calm when speaking in front of others?

 Feel energised and motivated when you’re tired?

 Become grounded when anxiety is running high?

 Connect to your spirit guides and intuition?


These are just some of the ways crystals can help. They’re not just pretty rocks! They have an atom at their centre and they vibrate at different frequencies. This is what gives crystals their ENERGY.


And it’s their energy that we can attune to, to shift our own frequency and achieve the outcomes we desire.

See what other Crystal Healing course students are saying:

I have over 1000 students based all over the world in 71 different countries, including the UK and Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, United Arab Emirates and Asia! Here's what they are saying about the Healing with Crystals course:


“This course was above my expectations, I’ve taken many other crystal courses on udemy and this is my fav! It’s short yet packed with info. Melanie’s love and knowledge for crystals radiates thru this course, as well as her care and support for her students. My questions were answered so quickly with meaningful responses. Highly recommended whether you are new to crystals or a seasoned lover!”

Lisa S.


“Lovely delivery, beautiful images and colour. Clear and easy to understand. I really like the guided meditation and I am enjoying using the workbook to learn from connecting with each crystal. Thanks Melanie for getting me started on my Crystal journey”

Angela Bradley


“I’m a beginner when it comes to working with crystals and this course covers exactly everything I wanted to know. It explains how crystals work, how to approach working with them and how to attune to your crystals as well as receive guidance which I thought was an unexpected bonus! The lessons are very clear, engaging and easy to follow.”

Katarynza Bazylko


“I really enjoyed this course. Melanie’s energy is vibrant and her love and passion for crystals really come through. She is very knowledgeable and explains very well. The course comes with companion PDF files, which are very useful for reference. I really like the meditation provided to help connect with crystals, something I have neglected to do in the past. I feel this course came just at the right time for me. Now I fully intend to enhance my relationship with my crystals and take the time to connect with them individually through meditation. Thank you Melanie! I look forward to see what else you have to share in future courses.”

Josée Roussy


“Great for beginners, very informative and knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the meditations and learning more about some different crystals. Definitely recommended if you are just starting out on your crystal journey.”

Kathryn Chapman


“This was very informative! Melanie’s passion for crystals shines through. I especially enjoyed learning about the energetic properties of crystals and how they are formed. Although the sections are short, I found the course to be very comprehensive, easy to understand and apply. Additionally, the resources provided with each lesson are fantastic!”

Jodie Locklear


"I am loving this course thank you 🙏♥️🌹”

Marie Rose

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Course Overview

The Crystal Healing course is perfect for those looking to explore the power of crystals and crystal healing. As an experienced Spiritual Teacher and Crystal Reiki Master, I will guide you through the process of connecting with the energy of crystals and their ability to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing. You'll learn how to use crystals to support and enhance your spiritual development as well as how to incorporate them into your practice. With Melanie's guidance, you'll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to use crystals to heal and nurture your wellbeing.

Why Learn with Me?

Learning about crystals and how energy works can be confusing, which can lead to feelings of overwhelm. I take things back to basics and explain, in simple easy-to-understand terms, how crystals are formed and what gives them their energy. My friendly and conversational style makes learning easy and enjoyable, without any of the frustration that comes from dealing with complicated jargon and long-winded explanations. You will be able to confidently use crystals after taking my course!

You also get access to me via the Q&A board for the course, so that you can ask me anything you want to know about crystals. I'll guide you and support you all the way, for
as long as you need me! You have lifetime access to the course and the Q&A board so you can return to the course as often as you desire.

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Crystal Healing course - small crystals to use with the chakras
Learning Outcomes

~ Explain what crystals are and where they come from

~ Explain how crystals have historically been used for healing

~ Choose crystals, either through your knowledge of their benefits or using your intuition

~ Ground and protect yourself when working with crystals

~ Cleanse and programme crystals

~ Meditate with crystals to receive guidance

~ Use crystals in conjunction with the chakra system

~ Identify which crystals to use with the different chakras

~ Describe how certain crystals make you feel

~ Heal yourself emotionally and balance your chakras, using crystals

~ Select and use crystals when reading tarot or oracle cards, for yourself or for other people


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Crystal healing course - fluorite and amethyst crystals

Who the Crystal Healing course is for

⭐ Anyone with an interest in crystals, from complete beginners to people with some knowledge of crystals

⭐ Energy healers wanting to learn how to use crystals with the chakras

⭐ Psychics wanting to connect with crystal energy for guidance

⭐ People who enjoy meditations who want to add a new dimension to their practice

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More reviews of the Crystal Healing course:


“A wonderful insight into using crystals for self-healing. Melanie has a lovely calming voice and shares lots of useful information. Thank you”

Sarah Reddan


“Melanie’s course is a very nice general overview on crystals. It’s well thought out and well organized. I would highly recommend this course for the beginner and even intermediate individuals who are interested in learning all the basic techniques for working with crystals and a good general guide for relating to them to and balancing chakras. There’s some well written resources included and having a couple of guided meditations on mp3 is also a nice bonus. Melanie herself is a very enjoyable presenter and a pleasure to listen to. I’m sure she has more courses planned and I look forward to viewing them in the future.”

Brian Copp


"Very informative and enjoyable to do."

Bev Bingham


"Very informative and fun to learn. Thank you."

Larry Szczepanski




Dawn Orr


Ivanesha Brown

Ready to get started?

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