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Animal Healing

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As a Reiki Master, I offer animal healing sessions. I’ve been qualified in Reiki since 2020 and I initially conducted sessions for humans. However, I’ve always had a strong affinity with animals and animal healing was always on the horizon!


I’m also trained in channelled energy healing, which is a different way to connect to the universal healing energy accessed through Reiki. Working with energy is vital – we are energy, so are our animals and all life forms on the planet. In fact everything in the entire universe is energy! Working on our energy is the key to living a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. Our lives work from the inside out – that means we draw to us things in our external world based on how we feel on the inside. If life isn’t going in the way we’d like it to, we need to work on ourselves from the inside out. This applies to animals and humans alike.

Benefits of animal healing

Reported benefits of animal healing include:

  • Improves comfort and feelings of wellbeing

  • Relieves pain – to complement what the vet is doing

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Better sleep

  • Improves the immune system

  • Increases relaxation, which can be helpful pre-treatment or post-operation
  • Helps with the transmission process when an animal is ready to cross over

Reiki is perfectly safe to be given to animals. It can be delivered to any type of animal; domestic animals, farm animals and wild animals. I often send reiki to animals I see in the wild and animals I read about who have been affected by natural disasters and war. Wild animals are less influenced by human energy that could impede their natural abilities to heal, so reiki can work very well for them.

Animals are very aware of the energies that surround them, more so than humans. Animals benefit enormously from reiki as it can help them to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What I need from you


When you book a session you will need to complete a booking form. I ask why you’ve requested an animal healing session, but I don’t need to know all of your animal’s conditions or symptoms for reiki to work. It can be helpful for me to get a picture of what’s happening in their life, but not necessary for the healing. We may not always know what’s happening physically or emotionally within the animal either.

Once the session is booked, please email me a photograph of your animal. I ideally need a photo where there is no one else present so the energy I'm picking up on belongs to just your animal.


Domestic animals can pick up on our energy as their guardians, therefore if you’re feeling stressed, poorly or worried about your animal, they can feel this. With your permission, I’d like to end the session with 5 minutes energy healing for you. Our animals choose us for their earthly journey, and they may take on our imbalances. This is not your fault, it’s an act of love by the animal. Hence I like to end the session by sending some reiki to you as their guardian. Our animals love us so much, they want us to be happy and healthy too. 

What to expect during the session

I connect to your animal by distance therefore I’m not physically present in the same room. This is better for the animal for a number of reasons – bringing your animal to my home puts them in an unfamiliar environment and changes their routine. Animals are creatures of habit and feel safe with routine. A disturbance in their routine can be stressful. Bringing an energy healer into the animal’s environment can also be stressful as not all animals enjoy having a stranger in their home. Some may become nervous, reactive or overly excitable. Animals should not be put under any pressure to lie down and be quiet, and there is no need – we don’t need to be still to receive energy healing. So for these reasons, and for my own safety when working with reactive animals, I conduct all sessions by distance.

This means I remain in my home and your animal remains in theirs. The animal can continue their normal routine whilst the energy is being sent. If the animal wants to play, rest, eat etc, this is absolutely fine – please leave them to do what they choose. Reiki works energetically therefore they don’t need to sit or lay down.

Your animal may experience certain things during the session as I connect to their energy:

  • They might feel more relaxed and sleepy.

  • They might yawn, burp or release wind as they experience shifts in their energy.

  • They might notice subtle energetic sensations in their body and appear distracted as they feel a slight change in temperature, tingling or other changes. This is nothing to be concerned about and is very subtle, so it shouldn’t cause agitation.

  • They might feel nothing – although animals are more aware of energy changes, if they’re sleeping or playing they may be focused on something else and not notice anything. This doesn’t mean it isn’t working so please don’t worry – try to release any expectations from the session.

What to expect after the session

Energy healing will cause energetic shifts as the animal releases what is no longer serving them. This may cause them to feel relaxed and sleepy, so they may need to nap a little more immediately after the session and in the following few days. They may also appear more thirsty as we need to replenish our bodies of water when receiving reiki (this is the same for humans and animals). Please therefore ensure your animal has access to lots of fresh water after the session, and they are able to rest if they choose to.


Energy healing can help to release blocks and heaviness in the chakras. Animals have chakras just like humans, in fact some animals have an additional ‘major’ chakra. When these energetic blocks are released it can cause many positive changes. Your relationship with your animal can strengthen. If your animal was overly-vocal, or overly-quiet before having a healing session, this may change as well if the energy shifts and changes around their throat chakra. They may also appear more confident if they were previously nervous. They may seem more relaxed and less stressed. They may experience less physical discomfort and pain, and if they had a condition that was improving, their physical healing may speed up.


Energy healing is different for everyone and can differ each time a session is held. The energy is intelligent and goes where it’s needed the most, always for the highest good of the animal. Once one energetic block is released, the next time a session is held something different may need to be worked on.

What animal healing is not 

In order to manage expectations I’d like to point out what reiki energy healing won’t do, for anyone who is new to this practice.


  • Your animal won’t start floating around the room! They are safe and grounded in the reiki energy and I will ground them at the end of the healing.

  • They won’t see rainbows or unicorns – reiki won’t make them hallucinate.

  • They won’t feel any sudden or supercharged sensations – reiki is very gentle, so although they might feel certain things, they aren’t overwhelming or so powerful that their body can’t cope with it.


Integration period

A vital part of any energy work is the integration period.  The session itself is healing the animal’s energy, resetting them and helping them to release what is no longer serving their highest good.  Then we must allow a period of integration so the shifts can start to happen.  This can take days, or sometimes even weeks. We need to respect the healing energy after a session and not rush to have another one straight away, or try to do everything all at once (I’ve had to learn this lesson – impatience was once very prevalent in my life!  But now, I recognise divine timing and allowing integration and rest periods, as they’re as important as the healing session itself).


Animal reiki and any type of animal healing is not a substitute for conventional veterinary treatment or medication. If you suspect your animal has a serious health imbalance, please see a veterinarian and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program.


As an animal healer and Reiki Master, I will not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a veterinarian.


By booking a session with me, you are agreeing that you have read this page and the Disclaimer, and you fully understand and accept all of the conditions. You understand and agree that the animal healing session is to provide relaxation, reduce stress, promote overall health and wellbeing. You understand that I will not diagnose conditions, prescribe veterinary medication, perform medical treatments or interfere with the treatment of your veterinarian or other medical professionals. You understand that I am providing the session at your request and I am not responsible for the outcome of the session. The animal directs the treatment and results can vary per session.


You also agree that the safety and care of your animal is ultimately your responsibility.


To make a booking please visit the Shop page. If you have any questions before booking, feel free to email me at any time.

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