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Tarot & Oracle Intuitive Card Reading Course 

Learn how to master intuitive card reading using tarot and oracle cards. Develop your intuition to be able to give psychic readings, for both personal use and when giving professional readings.

Master Intuitive Card Reading using Tarot and Oracle Cards

Are you ready to...

~ Become an Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, able to read any deck intuitively?

~ Learn how to confidently undertake card readings for yourself, your friends and family and clients?

~ Take a deep dive into your past, present and future?

~ Gain clarity about your life path, so you can make choices that are aligned with your highest good?

~ Confidently see what's happening within a situation, uncovering what's going on beneath the surface?

~ Connect with your Spirit Guides to bring forward additional guidance and wisdom during a reading?


...the Master Intuitive Card Readings using Tarot & Oracle Cards course will teach you all of this, and more! 

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An intuitive card reading with tarot cards

Get the Intuitive Card Reading using Tarot & Oracle Cards course, and go from zero knowledge to being a confident intuitive reader

 Discover how to read the cards for yourself, or for clients if you wish to become a professional card reader

 Develop your own unique style of reading the cards by building your 'Intuitive Dictionary', included with the course as a downloadable workbook

 Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides to receive their messages and wisdom, to add an additional element to your card readings

 Confidently read any card - whether tarot, oracle or angel cards - without referring to the guide book

 Attune to the energy of your card decks and connect deeply with your cards
 Learn how to read colours, shapes, signs, numbers, animal symbolism and more  

 Recognise the signs that are all around you, not just within the cards

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Course Overview

Completing the course will give you a new tool that can be used both personally and professionally. If it’s your dream to become a tarot or oracle card reader, this is the course for you! Master the techniques and follow the guidance and exercises in this course and you will be fully equipped to read professionally for others. By reading with tarot and oracle cards, you will obtain guidance and answers to your life questions. The best part is, once you have this skill, it can be applied to any situation, and you will have the power to deliver these insights yourself.

By taking this course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery as you recognise the signs that are all around you, not just within the cards! You will be able to read colours, shapes, signs, numbers, animal symbolism and more. This course will open your eyes to a whole new way of understanding the universe and the signs it gives you.

Why Learn with Me?

As a qualified professional Tarot Reader, I’ve worked with both tarot and oracle cards for many years. I have a Diploma in Intuitive Tarot Reading and I’ve studied the tarot to an extremely high level, taking numerous courses and specialising in different types of reading. I’m now utilising my skills to help others learn to read both for themselves, and for others, so they can enjoy the enormous benefit tarot and oracle reading can bring.

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Intuitive card reading with tarot and oracle cards
Student's ratings of the Master Intuitive Card Reading Using Tarot & Oracle Cards course:

I have over 800 students based all over the world in 66 different countries, including the UK and Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Israel and the United Arab Emirates! Here's how students of the Intuitive Card Reading course are rating it:


"This course is very clear and easy to understand. It’s very positive and really creates a sense of excitement with learning to read tarot and oracle. You also have a lovely, calming and kind presence about you. Very much enjoying so far"
Leanna Goodman


"I have taken a few courses but this is amazing. The connection with my spirit team was just something I didn't expect. Looking at the cards and telling the story seems a much easier method than learning all the meanings of the cards e.g Tarot. I highly recommend this course"

Ann Cunningham


"Melanie was clear, concise, and a pleasure to learn from. I would absolutely take another one of her courses and would highly recommend this particular course to anyone starting their tarot reading journey!"

Andrea Lee


"Loads of good information in a well thought out course."

Yvette Milliner


"I've been reading my cards for some time now but being an intuitive naturally, I find this course has really helped me to tap in easier. I am no longer relying on my tarot books! Thank you, Melanie, for giving me the confidence to trust my intuition and to use the tarot and oracle cards as another tool in my wheelhouse to do so."

Dawn Burkholder


"I love the way this course has been crafted. Our trainer is amazing. I learnt so many things new. I highly recommend Melanie Stevens."

Prachi Ekande


"Very good! The content is spot on without any superfluous information, well explained and easy to follow. I'm only 25% through and already did my first ever 100% intuitive reading."

Silvia Bodier


"So far so good! It's easy to dip in and out of."

Helen Harlow


"Melanie Stevens' Intuitive card reading course is a transformative journey of self-discovery. Her expertise and nurturing guidance empower students to deepen their intuition and connect with the cards on a profound level. Highly recommended for anyone seeking spiritual growth and insight."

Bhummika Sharma


"I absolutely loved everything about this course. Melanie is an engaging and informative teacher. I found her to be easy to listen to and understand. The course moved at a good speed and was loaded with all the answers I needed to questions that had been spinning around in my mind before deciding to commit to this undeniable path I have been resisting for so long. Thank you Melanie! I am looking for to being of service to others who are looking for direction from their spirit guides."

Melissa Kai Heim


Jennifer Malinowski


Mia Konifka


Kate Guest


Edoardo Palamito




Steven A Yaple


Eila Vang


Angira Barua


John Jagger


Dana McCall




Rose-Anna Smith


Sandra Meirinna


Manvinder Notay


Leeta Erickson


Sharon Coleman



Matilde Hunter


Rosana Charusreni


Paula Cooper


Lisa Brown


Monroe Michelle

Ready to get started?

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Key Features

🧡 6.5 hours of video lessons

🧡 A simple 6 step process for performing a card reading, with a downloadable version

🧡 Guidance on how to help you conduct readings for yourself and others

🧡 A downloadable, editable journal for you to create your own Intuitive Card Reading Dictionary

🧡 Exercises to establish your strongest clairs

🧡 An activation to help you connect to your intuition

🧡 A meditation to attune you to your tarot and oracle card decks

🧡 Tips on how to choose, cleanse and store tarot or oracle card decks

🧡 'A Card A Day’ workbook to help you get to know your tarot and oracle decks

🧡 An activation to connect you to your intuition

🧡 How to connect with your Spirit Guides to receive their guidance during a reading

🧡 How to make your own reading cloth 

🧡 How to effectively overcome the most common blocks and obstacles to your intuition

🧡 Multiple practice card reading exercises and quizzes to strengthen your learning

🧡 Numerous demonstrations of intuitive card readings

Oracle cards for intuitive tarot and oracle readings

Who the Intuitive Card Reading course is for:

 Beginners with no prior knowledge of card reading, or those with a little experience

⭐ People who wish to read the cards for themselves and friends/family

Anyone wishing to become a professional intuitive card reader

⭐ Lovers of tarot cards, oracle cards or angel cards - or all of them! 

 People who want to develop their intuition

⭐ People with an interest in developing a connection to their Spirit Guides

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Intuitive tarot and oracle card reading tools
Ready to get started?

Get the course now to instantly begin learning intuitive tarot and oracle card reading!

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