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Melanie Stevens, Spiritual Teacher

How I Became a Spiritual Teacher

I remember the sudden feeling of panic rising up through my body, as I felt my temperature rise, my heart race and a tight grip around my throat as I struggled to breathe. I began to hyperventilate and wonder what on earth was happening to me…


I ran downstairs and out of the front door, looked up to the night sky, saw the stars twinkling down at me and breathed in the cold air. I began to feel my heart slow down, my temperature drop and a feeling of eerie calm wash over me. There was an enormous sense of relief that I could breathe again. 


The panic attack didn’t make any sense, I had just been sat in my bedroom. I felt utterly confused and lost as I stood in the street, 14 years old, wondering why this was happening to me.

I had always been plagued with anxiety as far back as I can remember, but the panic attack was a new experience. I was a painfully shy and extremely sensitive child, I found school terrifying and meeting new people nerve-wracking. I used to listen to my mum’s self-confidence tapes when I was as young as 8 or 9.


The crippling loneliness and mental exhaustion that comes with anxiety, panic attacks and depression is possibly worse than the conditions themselves, particularly when you’re still a child. “Mental health” wasn’t a phrase that was used in the early nineties, none of my friends knew what a panic attack was and schools didn’t teach us how to look after our mental wellness. And when I left college and began working, it didn't get any easier! It was very different back in the 90's and 00's, mental health simply wasn't discussed at work. I wouldn't have felt comfortable explaining to my bosses that I had these issues, so if my illness got the better of me and I couldn't cope with work, I'd pretend I had a physical condition and use that as my reason for being off sick. This would then cause feelings of guilt and inadequacy as I felt ashamed to have lied, but I didn't feel that anyone would understand.


Sooner or later, that sort of pressure gets too much and causes a complete emotional breakdown…


The breakdown didn’t come until 14 years later when I was 28 and it was 2009. I was unemployed after leaving my job, unable to cope with going to work or leaving the house. This was rock bottom for me and I couldn't go on.


I was recommended a Spiritual Life Coach and I began working with her over a period of three months  This became a huge turning point - after all, the only way out when you’re at rock bottom, is back up! 💖


My life coach taught me various methods to manage my energy and emotions and break free from crippling patterns that had plagued me for 14 years. The techniques she taught me were so effective, I decided to learn them for myself and, once I was feeling better, I studied a multitude of spiritual practices and took a deep dive into the tools she taught me. I still use these techniques today!

Between then and now, I’ve learned reiki, energy healing, tarot reading, shamanism, shadow work, crystal therapy, meditation, mediumship, psychic and intuition development, animal communication and healing, remote viewing and exploring past lives. Now I’m a bit older, a lot wiser and considerably greyer, I can confidently say my spiritual tools have not only enhanced my life, but totally transformed it and it feels so good to be able to manage my own emotions and wellness. At my worst, I went through a period of being totally depressed and lost and I was taking anti-depressants for 5 years solid. But thanks to my spiritual toolbox, I haven’t touched them for years.

I have a lot in my toolbox and I love to teach, so it was inevitable that the two would marry up one day and I’d become a Spiritual Teacher!

Looking back, the most empowering moment of my life was when I ventured out 'on my own' after working with my spiritual life coach, equipped with a few tools and eager to learn more. I'm very independent and I need to be able to do things for myself. I love to learn from others who have walked in my shoes, and once they've equipped me with a new tool, I love putting it to work! This is what I'm passionate about - empowering others to be able to manage their own energy, emotions and spiritual journey. Teaching them tools such as shadow work, reiki, the Sedona Method and how to work with crystals. I also love empowering people to develop their intuition and to connect with their spirit guides and their higher self.

I've been walking the spiritual path since 2009 and I've advanced so much, I feel a great need to share what I've learned along the way with people who are on their own journey into spiritual awakening and development - particularly given that we’re in a period of a “mass awakening” and lots of souls are experiencing what I have. I’ve studied various methods and modalities to help me to live a more peaceful, confident, spiritual and joyous life. The methodologies and practices that have been the most impactful in my journey are the ones I now share with others.


If you're unsure where to start, send me a message and we'll have a chat!


I teach various spiritual and personal development courses and I offer some free downloads - take a look at the Freebies page and then visit the Shop!

My Qualifications

Animal Reiki – September 2023

Animal Communicator - July 2023

Divine I Am Transmission Practitioner (channelled energy healing) - May 2022

Diploma in Intuitive Tarot – Feb 2022
Tarot specialist courses: Tarot Mastery, Intuitive Card Reading, Career & Life Purpose Readings, Love & Relationship Readings – 2020

Crystal Reiki Master - Nov 2020

Reiki III Master Teacher – June 2020

Reiki II – March 2020

Reiki I – July 2019

Introduction to Mediumship – Nov 2019

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Level 3 – March 2009

I'm a bronze member of the Devon Women in Business.

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