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How to identify and remove blocks to manifesting

Updated: Apr 25

Releasing blocks is vital if you want to manifest something new.

Manifesting means to create. It begins with a thought then we bring that concept into reality. Sounds simple, but some things seem easier to manifest than others.

If you’re struggling to manifest you may have something holding you back. Here is a step by step process to identifying your manifesting blocks, releasing them, and making the necessary changes in your life to create what you want!

1. Identify your manifesting block

The first step is to identify your manifestation block. You might want to get a notepad and pen for this exercise.

Quieten your mind and slow your breathing, then tune into your body. It’s essential to relax first to move your brain waves from the beta state (alert) to alpha (relaxed). This makes it easier to receive information from your subconscious mind. Release any thoughts and come to stillness.

State out loud what it is you want to manifest. Do you feel any resistance? Is there a part of you that doesn’t feel worthy of what it is you want to create? Or is there a part of you that doesn’t believe it’s possible? Sit with whatever comes up and don’t rush the process as it may take a while for things to come up to the surface.

Stay present and open to receive the information.

Simply allow whatever comes up, then begin to explore it deeper. For example - if you don’t feel worthy of what you’re trying to create, ask yourself why. When you get your answer, ask ‘why’ again. Keep asking ‘why’ until you get to the bottom of it. It may be useful to make some notes.

2. Notice any repeated patterns

Continue to dig deeper by reviewing your answers so far. If something hasn’t gone well for you in the past connected to the goal you're working on, it may be continuing to affect you now.

Looking at what you've written down so far, could any of this be connected to the past? Explore whether you've experienced any past disappointments connected to your goal.

For example, say you want to manifest a new loving relationship. Upon exploring this goal, you realised you have a block to this goal as you have got your defences up. When you began to dig deeper into this, you realised this is because you are worried about having your heart broken. And this is because it's happened twice before.

Another example could be around money. You may want to manifest money but you have a block as you are worried that you will lose the money you create. This fear of loss comes from a time in your life where you made a bad investment and suffered loss. This was a painful lesson and you are unconsciously blocking yourself now from making money because you are scared of losing it again and re-experiencing the unpleasant feelings connected to loss and disappointment.

3. Allow and accept what comes up

Once you have identified what’s holding you back, and whether there is a pattern behind it, sit with the feeling and welcome it. By doing the steps above, you may have discoveres that you have an outdated attitude, limiting belief or a lack of trust in yourself or the universe to provide for you. Whatever it is, allow it to come up and try not to judge yourself for it, or attach to it.

Blocks to manifesting - meditating allows manifestation blocks to come up

Notice and observe the thought and watch for any feelings it brings with it. This may feel uncomfortable, but stay with it and watch as the feeling starts to change. The more you welcome and accept the feeling, really allowing it to be, it will dissipate of its own accord. Feelings are simply energy. Emotion = Energy in Motion. The energy will shift and change once you’ve allowed it to be.

The thought or limiting belief is also just energy, and this can also be allowed to dissolve. Notice that you are not your thoughts, you are the stillness behind the thoughts. Witness this thought for what it is and you will feel lighter as you allow yourself to detach from it.

The thought will feel lighter the longer you do this for. You are just letting it be, but detaching from the thought loses the power it has over you and it will dissolve.

If you wrote down your blocks, you may want to perform a ritual to release them. Burning paper sends a very powerful signal to the universe, but please only do this if you have a safe way of doing this and you’re comfortable with fire. Alternatively, you can tear up the paper and bury it in the earth, or you can flush it away down the toilet! If you enjoy working with moon energy, try doing this at the full moon as this is a great time to release.

4. Reframe your Thoughts

The law of attraction teaches us that our thoughts become things.

Our thoughts and beliefs influence our words. Our words influence our actions, and our actions attract the things that happen to us in our lives. The things that happen to us in our lives influence our beliefs, perceptions and thoughts… and so we get stuck in a repetitive cycle! 

Consider your goal once more. Now that you've released the blocks, it's time to look at the thoughts, words and actions that relate to that goal so you can bring in the shift in your energy that your goal needs. Follow these steps:

  1. Consider and write down your actions in relation to your goal. Write down any unhelpful actions and old patterns that might hinder you achieving that goal.

  2. Now write down some simple ways you can break these old patterns. 

  3. Finally, write down some new patterns to practice regularly until they become habit!

  4. After this exercise is complete, repeat steps 1-3 with your words, thoughts, perceptions and beliefs.

  5. Noticing your habits and behaviours is the first step to changing them. This part of the exercise will take some time as you will be forming new habits.

5. Repeat your manifestation statement

Now that you have followed the above steps, return to your manifesting statement that you made earlier. How does it feel now?

You may wish to repeat this process if you have more than one block. Limiting beliefs and emotions often come in layers so it would be useful to stick with this exercise until you feel nothing other than total confidence in your ability to manifest.

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