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Do Crystals really work?

A few years ago, I had a small collection of crystals but no Scooby Doo (clue) what to do with them! Everyone was talking about crystal energy and the healing properties of crystals. I heard about crystals helping with certain conditions, bringing emotional balance, and helping with things like confidence and improving relationships. Other than making the tea, they seemed to do everything!

But that wasn't my experience. I carried crystals around with me, sat and held them but I felt nothing. Admittedly, I never cleansed them (I didn't know they needed cleansing!) nor did I ever set them with an intention. But I lost interest as I just didn't experience the things other people said they were experiencing. I was starting to wonder, do crystals really work?

Crystal healing workshop

Then I spotted there was a local Crystal Therapist offering a one-day intensive workshop into using crystals. My friend was also interested in crystals, so we booked in. And that's when everything changed...

We began the workshop by talking about crystal energy so we could understand the basics. We had a workbook and space to write down our experiences.

We did a meditation, and then we had a chance to lay in what is known as a 'crystal layout'. This is where you lie down and place crystals around or on your body - see my Crystal Grids & Layouts blog to read more about layouts. The host taught me to ask my Spirit Guides how long to lay in the crystal layout for, using my pendulum. My pendulum suggested I lay for around 6 minutes, so I lay down and got comfortable, placing several Amethyst crystals around my body. During the 6 minutes of laying in the crystals, I felt relaxed, peaceful and found the experience very pleasant. Nothing out of the ordinary, but nice. I removed the crystals, cleansed them and asked my pendulum to help me select another layout to try. The pendulum swung 'Yes' when I asked about the "Pluto" Layout, which used Black Obsidian. I asked my pendulum how long I should lay for and it said 3 minutes! That seemed a very short amount of time, but I trusted my Spirit Guides were with me and they were guiding me to lay in this particular grid for a shorter time. I lay down, the Black Obsidian crystals were placed around my body and it was as if someone had suddenly turned off the lights. I instantly felt anxious, unsettled and uneasy. I wanted to get up and move away from the crystals, but I trusted the process and remained where I was laying. It felt like a very long 3 minutes! I was pleased to get up from that layout and cleanse the crystals.

Do crystals really work? Feature post about Black Obsidian crystals

Black Obsidian healing properties

I spoke to the Crystal Therapist afterwards and she explained that Black Obsidian, although very protective, can be used for deep, intense healing. The crystals were bringing up my deep-rooted anxiety in order for it to be released and therefore healed. Now I know to use Black Obsidian sparingly, and that it can help to release any emotions that I can feel bubbling away under the surface. It's great for those days when you feel like you want to cry, but nothing is coming out. It acts like a trigger to bring up uneasy feelings. I liken it to a snowglobe - a snowglobe has 'snow' sat at the bottom, which can barely be seen until you shake the globe and that churns up all the particles. They are then visible in the entire globe, before they settle back down. Emotions sometimes need shaking up so they rise to the surface, otherwise, they bubble away under the surface and cause disruption in our lives. Bringing things to the surface is the only way to release them as they need to be allowed and accepted first.

Feeling is believing

Nothing provides more 'evidence' than actual real-life experience. That was the first time I had really felt crystal energy,and it wasn't anywhere near as subtle as I'd found it before. After this experience I knew I wanted to work further with crystals, and that's when I began learning Crystal Reiki and bringing crystals into my reiki sessions. I regularly lay with crystals on my chakra points and I carry them with me to enjoy their different benefits.

If you are curious about crystals, but wondering 'do crystals really work?' - I'm not here to convince you of anything. But I would recommend trying a crystal layout, or meditating with a few different crystals, so you can experience the difference in their energy. Feeling is believing! If you'd like to learn more about crystals, there's a free download on my Freebies page teaching you how to cleanse crystals and there are more downloads in the Members-Only area. A subscription is required to access the Members-Only area, which is also free.

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