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Best Crystal Healing Course

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I love teaching people about crystals. I recently held a workshop where I guided students through a meditation to connect with their crystals, and they had some fantastic results! Seeing how excited they were at the things they saw, felt and heard during the meditation was magical. If you're looking for the best crystal healing course to help you to connect deeply with your crystal, through meditation, then take a look at my Healing with Crystals course on Udemy.

Have people always used crystals?

Crystals are extremely popular now, but they are certainly not a new ‘fad’! For millennia, people have been using crystals all over the world for the effect they have on the body, mind and soul. Every ancient culture on Earth recognised and respected the benefits of working with crystals. Ancient healing systems such as Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda, also used crystals for healing.

Our ancestors knew that we, as energetic beings, are inextricably linked with the energy of our planet. We can achieve harmony within ourselves when we work in harmony with nature.

What is Energy?

Energy is known as different things in different cultures, but it’s all pointing to the same thing. Indians call energy ‘prana’, the Chinese call it ‘qi’. The Japanese use ‘ki’ and the Sufis call it ‘gawa’. These cultures mapped this energy both within the body (with meridians, chakras, acupoints and marma points) and in the outer world, using practices like feng shui. These traditional cultures knew that when energy flows smoothly, wellbeing is sure to follow.

We see ourselves as solid beings and we experience the world as physical. Yet physics is now able to show us what ancient schools of wisdom have been teaching for many thousands of years - nothing is actually solid, and everything is energy. By looking closely at atoms, physicists have discovered that the closer we look, the less there is to see. Eventually, the atom just disappears! Atoms are actually 99.99999% space. However, this space isn't empty, it's full of a range of energy vortices, quarks and photons, vibrating and spinning.

Atoms vibrate at different frequencies, which creates weaker or stronger fields of energy. The slower the field, the closer it is to matter. Every cell has its own healthy frequency, but if we become unbalanced – through poor lifestyle choices, trauma or illness, our frequencies can become imbalanced.

Crystals, however, have stable energetic frequencies. If we have crystals close by us, they work as a form of entrainment, which means they make something have the same pattern or rhythm as they do. So this means the crystals can encourage our cells to vibrate at the correct frequency again. This same mechanism is what lies behind sound healing, homeopathic remedies and flower essences.

Best crystal healing course - multiple clear quartz crystals

Do crystals do the same thing?

So do crystals all do the same thing? No, they vibrate at different frequencies. Some crystals are able to absorb and release negative energy – and are therefore great for healing, others transform energy, whilst others are fantastic at amplifying or enhancing energy. Others resonate with love and warmth, and can help to boost your emotional wellbeing. Crystals can be many things – they can heal, help shift your mood, amplify your power, offer energetic protection and even help boost intuition. Further learning

To discover more about crystals, how they work and how you can use them to balance your chakras, buy the Healing with Crystals course

Let me know if you buy the course as I would love to support you through your journey into using crystals! - just send me an email.

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