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Crystal Grids and Layouts

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

You may have heard of crystal grids and layouts (also called nets), but wondered what they are? This article will cover the basics of each, and will provide you with a layout you can try!

Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is a specific arrangement of crystals set with an intention, to manifest a desired result.

Crystal grids and layouts - crystals laid out in a grid

Crystal Reiki Grids utilise sacred geometry and crystal energy. The geometrical shape is the host for the crystals, with each crystal being placed on a part of the shape. There is always a centre crystal, called the focus crystal, and this represents your desire or wish. This crystal needs to be programmed with the intention for your grid.

The next layer around the focus crystal is made up of the ‘intention crystals’ which bring in energy and move it towards the focus crystal. If you’re using crystal points, then these points should face towards the focus crystal if you are wishing to bring energy in (ie if you are manifesting something).

Finally, around the perimeter of the grid you place more crystals, which are called the surrounding crystals.

In terms of positioning, very often crystals are placed at intersections where the lines of the grid meet.

Crystal Layouts

A crystal layout, also called a net, is a selection of crystals placed around the body or on top of the body during a healing session. Layouts are used to create a field or area of energy.

Layouts work due to the crystals’ ability to hold and give out energy vibrations that affect the electromagnetic energy fields that permeate and surround our bodies. You will probably have heard of the “aura” - the aura is made up of these electromagnetic energy fields. There is more than one field; each one is commonly referred to as a “subtle body”, which includes the mental body, the emotional body, the spiritual body etc. These energy bodies combine to make up the aura.

Layouts and grids are quite similar, but layouts are crystals placed on or near the body, and grids are crystals placed onto a geometrical shape or around a room or building.

There are many crystal layouts you can try. In my course, Self Healing with Crystals I share how to use crystals with the chakras. Here, I’m going to share with you another simple layout for removing unwanted energy, and bringing in positive energy.

Star of David Crystal Layout

As you will see from the picture (apologies for the drawing and bad colouring in!), this layout requires 6 crystals. The crystals to use are Clear Quartz points (see second photo). Clear Quartz points are usually raw, but sometimes polished, rugged pieces of clear crystal. One end is shaped into a point, either naturally when the crystal is growing, or by humans.

crystal grids and layouts - drawing of a person laying in a crystal grid

The layout comes in two parts: Laying with the crystal points facing outwards, directing unwanted energy away from you. Then laying with the crystal points facing in towards your body, bringing in positive energy.

Step 1 - cleanse your crystals

Each of the 6 pointed crystals should be cleansed before use. I have a free workshop about how to perform a smoke cleanse - this can be used to cleanse a space, your aura and your crystals. If you're not already a member of my site, you'll be prompted to create some login details and then you'll get access to this and other workshops.

crystal grids and layouts - photo of 6 clear quartz pointed crystals, idea for use in a crystal layout

Step 2 - set the duration

Once the crystals are cleansed, you need to determine how long to lay in the layout. You can do this by dowsing with a pendulum: Start by holding the pendulum still and say out loud “1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes” etc. Notice at what point the pendulum starts to move. Make a note of the number of minutes required and keep a clock or watch nearby.

Or you can dowse using your intuition: Simply ask for how many minutes you should lay with the crystals pointing outwards. Allow your mind to go blank and the very first number that pops into your head is your intuition speaking to you.

Repeat the above steps to determine how long to lay in the layout with the points facing in, and make a note of this as well.

Step 3 - lay in the crystal layout

Lay down and position the crystals as shown in the photo. Here is a written description of the layout:

Crystal 1 ~ above the head, pointing away from the body

Crystal 2 ~ above the left shoulder, pointing away from the body

Crystal 3 ~ above the right shoulder, pointing away from the body

Crystal 4 ~ next to the left calf, pointing away from the body

Crystal 5 ~ next to the right calf, pointing away from the body

Crystal 6 ~ between the feet, pointing away from the body

Once you’ve laid down and you’ve placed the crystals around your body, start timing yourself. Remain laying still until the number of minutes determined by your pendulum/intuition has passed.

Then flip the crystals over so the points all face towards your body. Time yourself again and lay still until the number of minutes determined by your pendulum/intuition has passed.

Step 4: aftercare

Cleanse your crystals once more after using them. Notice how you feel after your crystal session, and how you feel for the rest of the day!

I like to use this layout after busy periods of work as an energetic reset, and after frequent socialising to remove any energy I may have picked up from other people.

You might want to read my other blog post for more information about what gives crystals their energy, and information about the best crystal healing course to get you started

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