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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening occurs when someone feels called to look at the meaning and purpose of life on Earth.


It can happen quickly – for example, after a life-changing event that rocks your world. Or it can be quite subtle and happen over a period of time.


The awakening is an intense desire to work out why you’re here on Earth, having this life, and what your purpose is.

A person experiencing a spiritual awakening

For many of us, we felt a call to awaken around the middle of 2019 – that’s because at that time, our planet went through a huge energetic change. Higher frequencies were anchored into the Earth and people from all of the world felt compelled to look into the deeper meaning of life.


For me, I saw some big changes in my life in the middle of 2019 – this is when I began learning the reiki system of energy healing. I never knew at the time why I felt the sudden pull towards learning reiki, I just followed my instinct. I also stopped taking anti-depressants during 2019 after I’d been taking them daily over a five year period. I was already spiritually quite aware at that point and I’d been on my ‘spiritual path’ since 2009, however things really stepped up for me during that year.


At the time, I didn’t realise that many others were feeling the same pull towards spirituality - whether that meant looking into their life purpose, learning a metaphysical modality (like reiki), or getting readings from psychics and mediums. People were also experiencing subtle energy changes within their bodies. Then, the covid pandemic hit in 2020 and this pushed huge numbers of people into fear and darkness, which actually ended up pushing many more into their awakening as they searched for the light.


What is the Purpose of a Spiritual Awakening?


When we incarnate into a physical body and we have a life on Earth, we don’t realise that we pre-chose that life: we chose our body, our family, where we would grow up and so on. We come to Earth passing through what’s commonly called the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ - we forget our true, spiritual nature and all that we knew before incarnating, in order that we can experience a different way of living.


What we knew before we incarnated is this: We are made of pure, spirit energy. We are inextinguishable – because energy cannot be destroyed – and we know that all of experience happens simultaneously as there is no time. We know instant manifestation is possible, we can have a thought and what we think about can be created instantly. This is how things are, before we incarnate into a body.


We choose to come to Earth because we get to experience something very different from how we experience life in spirit form. On Earth, we can experience physicality and the world of form; we can create things that we can then experience through our denser, human senses. We can experience emotions, and we can experience linear time. Linear time gives us a very different experience than how we live when we are in spirit form – linear time creates things like anticipation, excitement, nervousness, uncertainty, surprise. We can only experience those sorts of emotions by having linear time. If everything happened simultaneously, then we wouldn’t get to anticipate anything!


The reason we choose to forget all that we know is so that we can experience all of these things. You wouldn’t ‘look forward’ to things if they instantly manifested in front of you. We enjoy that sort of experience, so we come to earth into a physical body so that we get to experience that. We also come here to experience emotions – in spirit form, we can’t experience emotions because they only exist in the lower dimensions.


As for the purpose of the awakening – some of us choose to remember our true, spiritual nature whilst we’re in a physical form. This is what’s known as “waking up” – it’s when we begin our journey to awakening. We also get to have the joyful experience of remembering our true nature, and we can only ‘remember’ something by forgetting it in the first place. It’s another experience we can only have if we come to Earth.


Not everyone will awaken whilst they are in their current incarnation – and that was their choice before they incarnated. That’s the experience they have chosen to have, they chose to remain asleep during their Earthly lifetime. That doesn’t mean they won’t have another life where they choose to wake up, but they wanted to experience life in 3D and therefore remain ‘asleep’ to their spiritual nature during this lifetime. That isn’t a bad thing – it’s neither good or bad – but it is their choice and they have the right to choose.


So the purpose of awakening is so that we get to experience the remembering of our true spiritual nature, why we came here and what our purpose is.


To learn more about the spiritual awakening and the ascension currently happening on Earth, take a look at my course – Spiritual Awakening & Ascension: How to Raise your Vibration.


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