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How to master decision-making: Head, Heart or Intuition?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

It's said that the best decisions we make come from the heart.

But what about the intuition? And what's the difference between the two?

You have different tools you can use to make a decision: The heart, the head and the intuition.

Use your Head

The head is a great tool to use when you require some logic. Weighing things up, analysing and thinking can get you very far. But when it comes to the decision, I would recommend tuning into one of your other chakras - the Heart Chakra or the Solar Plexus, which is the seat of our intuition.

Use your Heart

You will know when a decision is coming from your heart as it feels light, joyous, like the feeling you have when you get a big warm hug from someone who loves you, it feels a bit like excitement. Heart-based decisions are made with compassion, love and kindness - so choosing to forgive someone, choosing to see the good in someone instead of the bad, choosing a job that makes your heart sing, helping someone, giving to charity - these are things that often come from the heart. They may also be logical and involve the head, but they also connect to the heart space.

Tuning into your heart is a great way to check your true motivations about something. If you're doing something that makes your heart sing then it can't be bad! But if something makes your heart ache, and you get a low dull pain than feels as if your heart has dropped down into your stomach carrying the weight of disappointment, then perhaps that's not the right choice for you.

Use your Intuition

Intuition-based decisions are useful for when you need to make a choice, i.e. choosing a career or new relationship. Intuition is also helpful when choosing someone to buy a service from, when you read something and want to discern whether it's truthful or not, or when you want to know if someone is trustworthy. This is because we want to go with what feels right for us. The feeling of intuition comes from your solar plexus chakra (the area just above your belly button) but you may also see things intuitively, hear them or just 'know' them.

Think about a decision you need to make, no matter how big or small. Consider your options - how does your body feel when you think about one of the options?  Now let that go, and focus on the other option. How does that feel? Journaling your feelings can be useful as you can forget quite easily then the left brain starts talking at you again!

Decision making using head, heart or intuition - let your intuition guide you

Intuition is something we are all born with, but we aren't taught to use it when we're schooled. However, with regular practice and some patience you can develop your intuitive abilities. Try to think of a time where you've used your intuition before - where you made a decision based on how you feel. How did you feel when making the decision? Did you notice how your intuition showed up? It may have been a feeling in your stomach, or as if someone whispered something to you in your ear. Perhaps you saw something, some darkness around a situation but light around another.

Our intuition talks to us in many, many different ways so finding yours is helpful! Notice the way your own body and energy talks to you. You'll soon be tapping into your senses 🙏🏼

So which is best?

Some decisions require logic and analysis and our mind is an excellent tool, and I certainly wouldn't want to discourage anyone from using it. But the mind is only one of three tools at your disposal, so why not use them all?

Some of our straightforward decisions may not require much analysis, and there will always be things we need to do that don't bring us joy or connect to our heart (unless you love doing the dishes!) but whenever I'm doing something on autopilot that isn't a 'life task', I try to understand what's motivating me to do it. Is it a habit? A pattern of behaviour I've learned from someone else? Programming I've been given? That's when tuning into these different decision-making tools can be really helpful.

Further Learning

To learn how to develop your intuition I would recommend The Sage Circle Community, a monthly membership I've been part of since early 2021. Sage Circle founder Beau Maxwell teaches intuitive development, psychic and mediumship skills and more.

For another intuition building tool, take a look at this free workshop about building intuition by working with your spirit guides. You will need to subscribe to my website to join the program (which is also free), or if you're already a member you can simply log in and get access.

Decision making using head, heart or intuition - psychic sign

An affiliate link has been included within this post. As an affiliate of the Sage Circle I earn a small commission if you sign up. I freely choose to promote this platform because I have benefitted enormously from the membership 💜

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