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Signs and Synchronicities

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Do you ever see repeating numbers? Or do you say that you could do with some money, then you find some on the floor?

Or does a certain animal keep visiting you, so much so that it seems unusual?

These are all signs the Universe is sending you! It's easy to dismiss these as 'coincidences', but in my experience, nothing is a coincidence. We've come here (to Earth) for a reason and we have certain experiences we're meant to have, people we're destined to meet, and work we're meant to do. These signs can be showing us that we're on track! Signs are a daily occurrence for me. Often I see repeating numbers (when I glance at the time it's 11:11, 22:22, etc), and I see the same numbers repeated on car number plates, on TV, in instructions, in books, etc. I will also see a certain type of bird constantly for a few days or weeks in a row. Sometimes I find feathers, there'll be loads of them all around me whereas normally I wouldn't notice them. Some people find coins or have repeated dreams.

Take a look at the cover image for this blog post, do you see the number 3 written in the clouds? This was taken at a time where I was seeing the number 3 everywhere!

Synchronicities are when things happen separately, but appear to be related - for example, you think about a particular type and colour of car and then you see three of them on your commute to work. You say you really need to find a new window cleaner, and then a flyer is posted through your door an hour later from a new window cleaner who has just moved to the area. You may experience internal signs from the spirit world too, for example, you may suddenly get images flashing through your mind, or a certain smell might appear like cigarette or cigar smoke or the scent of a loved one's perfume/aftershave. You could also get ringing in your ears (albeit if it's constant then this could be a sign of tinnitus so you may want to check it out). These are our 'clairs' working, this is how beings in the spirit world connect with us. These occurences are the signs they send when they are trying to get our attention. Pay attention to what's happening around you and if you feel you are getting signs, meditation is a wonderful way to determine what's happening. Close your eyes, quieten your mind and slow down your breathing (we're aiming to get into a relaxed state so that our brain waves change to 'alpha', which is more relaxed than our normal 'beta' state). Ask for information about the signs you've been seeing; who is sending them? What do they mean? Be open to any images, sounds, feelings, or even smells and tastes that you may receive. Always thank the Universe for the signs it sends you, and don't dismiss them - you should find that they increase even more!

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