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Spiritual Experiences

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

I’m fascinated by people’s spiritual experiences and sightings of ghosts and otherworldly beings. Here are some of my experiences of power animals, visitations and guardian angels.

Spirit Horse

I was six years old the first time I had a spiritual experience. It was 1987 and I was in bed, playing with an air-filled sticker set I was bought by my parents, pushing and squishing at the tactile shiny images. I was being a bit naughty really as I was meant to be asleep like the rest of the family were, but I wasn’t tired.

Spiritual experiences - a brown horse like the ghostly one that visited me

I was engrossed in playing when I suddenly heard horses hooves trotting along. I turned my head, and a window had appeared in the wall of my bedroom where I saw a horse pulling a cart. Then a full life-sized brown horse appeared right in front of me, stood in the doorway of my bedroom! I froze in shock as the horse simply stared at me. The horse wasn’t reared or neighing, it just stood in front of me, looking me right in the eyes. Then it disappeared! It didn’t disappear suddenly, it kind of faded out. I got out of bed and waved my arms in the space where the horse had been but I couldn't feel anything. Then I ran into my parents’ bedroom telling them that I’d seen a ghost! I didn’t sleep for weeks afterwards...

What’s also interesting is that, during a reading in April 2020, the medium opened to spirit and instantly had a horse’s face given for me. I’ve only ever had two readings bring forward a spirit animal guide for me and both of them were horses. I have no connection to horses in this lifetime, I never had any interest in them growing up and the one and only time I’ve been horse riding was on holiday when I was in my twenties. The connection with the horse I believe was due to a past life I've seen since, where we died together in battle.

Watching Over Me

The next of my spiritual experiences happened in December 2019, just after our little dog Georgie had passed away.

My husband woke up one morning and saw the face of an older woman leaning over me in bed, watching me sleep. He thought at first that it might have been the light coming in from around the blinds, but as he stared he could clearly see her facial features. He'd never seen anything like that before. He didn’t feel scared or concerned by her appearance. When I woke up, he told me she was an older lady with a large nose. I knew instantly that this was my Grandma Connie (sorry Grandma!)

My husband has never met my Grandma, nor seen any photos of her therefore he wouldn’t have known what she looked like. I have also never met her as she passed before I was born - but I’ve seen pictures of her. She also shows up frequently in readings I have with other mediums 💙

My Guardian Angel

I was visited by an angelic being in February 2020.

It had been a difficult few months. I was weaning off anti-depressants after being on them for 5 years, which was tough in itself as it plunged me back into depression. Our little dog Georgie had passed in December 2019 following a long battle with an incurable disease. My husband was rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack, following which a shadow was found on his lung (thankfully it was nothing sinister). My stepdad was also rushed into hospital and was given a poor prognosis, therefore life was pretty dire to say the least.

Spiritual experiences - an oracle card called 'Guardian Angel'

I was very upset one morning and had spent some time sobbing my heart out. I went to the toilet to get some tissue and as I turned to go back into the lounge, I saw a dozen or so golden orbs of light floating and circling right in front of my face! I blinked a few times but they remained in place, and I went to touch them but my hand went straight through them, then they disappeared! My human brain attempted to find the logical explanation, but there were windows in our toilet so it couldn’t have been the sun. There was no explanation for it. I felt like I’d had a visit from someone angelic, I felt so comforted by their appearance.

I decided to do a meditation to find out what or who had visited me. I connected to the spirit realms and felt a push to pull a card from one of my oracle decks. As I shuffled, a card fell out and it was an image of someone crying and an angel stood next to them. When I went to open the guidance book to see what words came with it, the book opened at the exact page the Guardian Angel card appeared on! Although I don’t know for certain that it was an angel who visited me that day, whoever it was made their presence known and brought me immense comfort for which I am very grateful 🦋 Have you had any spiritual experiences? I'd love to know - drop me an email if you feel drawn to share! If you'd like to meet your spirit guides and receive images, messages or comfort, take a look at my free workshop Meet your Spirit Guides. A sign-up to my website is required to access the workshop, this is also free and will give you access to a number of spiritual workshops for you to enjoy.

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