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Are some people naturally intuitive?

This is a question many people have: Are some people naturally intuitive, or is it a learned skill? When we come to earth in our current incarnation, our intuition emerges as a sort of guiding force, a silent compass directing our life's choices. It is strong in some people, and weaker in others.

Some people believe the 'inner compass' is an innate trait of some humans who are naturally 'gifted' with a strong intuition. Others believe it is a skill that needs to be honed and developed, but that some people find it comes more naturally to them than others. I believe the truth lies in a delicate balance between nature and nurture.

In essence, all human beings have intuitive senses, although its strength varies. Intuition is a universal gift woven into the fabric of humanity, helping us to navigate uncertainties, walk our chosen path and stay safe. Whether through gut feelings or subtle nudges, our inner compass guides us in decision-making throughout our whole lives.

So how come some people seem to be naturally intuitive from birth, and others aren't? Our genes can play a part, as can our upbringing, our culture and the society around us. All sorts of personal factors shape the manifestation of intuition, making it a unique and deeply personal experience. In the West, we tend to be very focused on left-brained activity, therefore intuition isn't something that is taught at school. This means that children - who are very often naturally intuitive - can find their intuition is strong when young, but through their upbringing, schooling and environment they lose the ability as they grow up. Does that mean that, once it's gone, it's gone forever? Absolutely not. Even if you weren't intuitive as a child, intuition can be developed at any point in your life. It's a skill just like any other, that can be learned, developed and strengthened.

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How can I tell if I'm intuitive?

There are a few signs that you are already using your intuitive senses, even if you haven't been working on developing intuition:

  1. You can sense other people's energy

  2. You know things before they happen

  3. You have vivid dreams

  4. You see hidden messages in mundane situations

  5. You have a well-honed BS detector

  6. You can feel the energy of trees, plants and animals

  7. You experience moments of inspiration

  8. Signs and synchronicities follow you everywhere you go

  9. Your decision-making doesn't always come from logic

  10. You're choosy about who you spend time with and where you go

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How can I become more intuitive?

In order to hear your inner voice and feel the stirrings of your soul, distractions must be minimised. One of the best ways to hear your intuition is through meditation. Meditating connects you to your soul and allows you to hear the voice of your intuition. It isn't always easy to sit in stillness and empty your mind of thoughts, as they have a habit of returning - but the more you practice meditation, you'll notice the gaps between thoughts should increase.

Another way to develop your intuition is through learning to read Tarot or Oracle cards. The cards themselves don't give you all the answers to your questions, they are a way for you to communicate with your intuitive knowing and allow the answers to come to you. If you would like to practice intuitive card reading using either Tarot or Oracle cards, take a look at my free Intuitive Card Reading workshop (sign-up required).

There's another free exercise on my website that helps you to Improve your Intuition that you are very welcome to try.

In summary, intuition isn't something you either have, or you don't. It's an innate skill of every human being, it's just that it may lay dormant until it is activated and used regularly 💜

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