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Intuitive Card Reading - Tarot or Oracle

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The tarot is a 78 card deck that has been used by people for centuries. Originally invented in Italy in the 15th century, it was used as a game similar to bridge, but over the years it became popular as a method for divination. Tarot readings became linked to the occult in the 18th century and today, they are popularly used for divining the future and understanding our unconscious. They can also be used to connect to our intuition. Traditional tarot is learned by memorising each card’s multiple meanings. This can take a lot of time, therefore it’s easiest to begin reading intuitively. Some readers never learn traditional tarot and exclusively read using their intuition. Oracle cards don’t have traditional meanings, each deck has its own meanings set by the creator of the deck. They can also be learned, but many readers choose to ignore the book that comes with the deck and create their own meanings. This workshop will start you on your journey to reading tarot or oracle cards intuitively! You will need: Either a tarot or oracle deck. It won’t matter which you choose as we will be learning to interpret the meaning through intuition, not the traditional meaning.

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