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What is Reiki and how does it work?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I'm passionate about empowering everyone to heal themselves. Therapy, healing, counseling and medictation costs a fortune, and whilst these modalities are undoubtedly helpful, Reiki can help you to manage and balance your emotions and heal your body physically. The more people can use Reiki on themselves, the better!

If you would like to learn Reiki with me, head over to the Shop or send me an email.

What can Reiki help with?

Reiki can be sent anywhere and it’s a good idea to keep an open mind about what it can help with. It won’t cure cancer or fix a broken limb, but it can accelerate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself by bringing balance emotionally and mentally. When we’re in a state of high anxiety, fear or stress, our amygdala is activated (the part of our brain which triggers the fight or flight response). Whilst this is activated, everything else is suspended and that includes our body’s ability to heal from illness. Reiki brings us back into alignment, creating the space our body needs to be able to focus on getting better 🌻

In addition, Reiki can help with the following (please note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Revitalises energy stores

  • Brings balance to the body, mind & emotions

  • Releases us from patterns of negative thinking

  • Eases pain

  • Aids sleep

  • Increases relaxation

  • Releases toxins

  • Enhances spiritual growth

  • Enhances self-love and love towards others

  • Increases compassion

  • Helps our connection with others and with nature

  • Increases confidence

  • Releases stress and anxiety

  • Releases depression and fear

  • Helps you think more clearly

  • Helps focus

Reiki symptoms

If you decide to have a Reiki session, you might experience some symptoms. Many people experience one or more of the following, however you may not feel anything at all - which is fine! That doesn’t mean the Reiki hasn’t worked.

These are some things people often report feeling:

  • Feeling uplifted, lighter

  • More joyful, as if a heavy weight has been lifted

  • More loving, compassionate

  • More connected with others and with nature

  • Tired, needing a rest

  • Temporary slight increase in the symptoms you had before the session

  • Short-term headaches or flu-like symptoms as your body is coming back into balance

  • Increased need to urinate (detoxification)

  • Suppressed memories being brought up to the surface, either during the day or at night through your dreams*

  • A new or increased ability to speak your truth or stick up for yourself

  • Increased confidence

  • Increased creativity

*If something comes into your conscious awareness that has previously been suppressed, don’t worry - this doesn’t mean you have to re-live the experience. If a painful memory has been suppressed it doesn’t actually go away, it just remains hidden from your conscious awareness but can manifest in other ways i.e. mood swings, nightmares, feeling triggered without knowing why. If the memory is brought back up into our conscious awareness, we can simply acknowledge and allow it, and then let it go. By allowing and then releasing the memory, it will free us from any painful emotions that are attached to it. It may not feel pleasant at the time, but this is actually a great thing - it’s part of your healing! In addition to reiki, I like to use a technique called ‘The Sedona Method’ to release painful memories quickly. For more information on this fabulous method, please visit 💗

You may find it helpful to journal what happens to you after a reiki session, or simply notice what happens with an open and curious mind.

How Reiki works

What is reiki and how does it work

Reiki practitioners often use something called ‘byosen’ which is part of the Reiki teachings; this can indicate to the practitioner which areas need more attention. However, what’s really important is to understand that Reiki will go wherever it’s needed. The Reiki practitioner must detach themselves from any particular outcome and remain open to what happens 🦋

Reiki can often surprise you; you may go to a reiki session with a physical symptom/pain, wanting the Reiki to reduce your pain. If that pain is caused by an emotional imbalance, the Reiki may help to balance your emotions which, in turn, will help release you from the pain. This can often be surprising! For example, if you visit a Reiki practitioner with a stress-related condition such as IBS which has been brought on by feelings of stress, the Reiki may be needed at your throat. Why? Say the stress has been brought on by you experiencing some difficulties at work, as you are being picked on. You may therefore have an energetic imbalance around your throat chakra which is stopping you from being able to speak up for yourself. After a Reiki session, you may find a sudden and unexpected ability to speak your truth and have the confidence to stand your ground. Therefore this resolves the problem and this, in turn, reduces your stress, and you find your IBS clears up! Having an open mind about where the Reiki is being sent is very useful as you won't always know what is going on beneath the surface, but the Reiki practitioner will often feel this.

Trust in a higher power and allow Reiki to flow to wherever it is needed 🙏🏼 If you would like to learn Reiki for yourself, head to the shop and take a look at my Reiki and other spiritual development courses

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